Why BVT?

 Binocular vision training is a program deeply rooted in developmental rehabilitation of the oculomotor system, which strengthens the neural connections between the brain and visual system. The brain exhibits a great deal of neuroplasticity, allowing the visual system to become more efficient if properly rehabilitated.

Binocular vision training is a structured and doctor supervised therapy program designed to help develop or recover fundamental visual skills, improve visual efficiency and enhance how visual information is processed. 

What to Expect


Prior to beginning binocular vision training, a patient should be seen by an eye care provider for a comprehensive eye exam. This comprehensive assessment determines if glasses and/or contact lenses are needed and the status of the overall eye health. 



A binocular vision assessment evaluates two more elements of the visual system: oculo-motor and visual processing skills. This evaluation is done by Dr. Lyerly at Insight Vision Training Center. During this exam, areas of strength and weakness in binocular vision, accommodation, eye movements and visual perceptual skills are identified.  Dr. Lyerly will assess and then develop an individual plan for therapy. Some patients that exhibit multi-disciplinary deficiencies may need to see an occupational therapist, a physical therapist or speech therapist regularly.


At Insight, we provide you with the necessary documentation to submit to your major medical insurance policy for reimbursement for both diagnostic evaluation and treatment. 

Binocular vision training is a medically necessary procedure and our team will provide you with a form including diagnosis and procedure codes, as well as any other written documentation necessary to file a claim with your major medical policy provider.