Treatment Areas

The visual system can be affected by a multitude of conditions. Many of these conditions cannot be treated effectively with glasses alone. Our treatment programs are designed to help develop or recover fundamental visual skills, improve visual efficiency, and enhance how visual information is processed.


Learning Related Vision Issues

Eighty percent of problem readers are deficient in one or more visual skills. We can help those who lack the necessary visual skills for effecting reading, writing and learning. 



Binocular vision training is based on the concepts of neuroplasticity. Since amblyopia is a deficit in the neurological system, treatment is aimed at strengthening the visual channel that is being ignored. Many doctors will passively “patch the good eye” to get better vision out of the “weaker eye”.  Patching therapy, alone, does not produce the best visual outcomes. Even if better vision is achieved out of the “weaker eye”, the brain does not know how to properly use both eyes together. Often, this results in the brain ignoring the “weaker eye” again. Suppression leads to poor depth perception, stereo blindness and other associated symptoms. We work toward the goal of excellent vision with excellent eye teaming abilities


Visual rehabilitation

Vision can be compromised due to neurological insult or trauma. Binocular vision training can effectively rehabilitate visual symptoms and visual inefficiencies resulting from this trauma. 

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