Testimonial: BV, Age 15

I love sports, specifically, soccer and basketball. I have been playing soccer since I was four years old and basketball since third grade. I have worn glasses or contacts to every practice, every workout and every game because I am legally blind in my left eye. I have amblyopia, so my eyes do not work together and I have a difficult time with depth perception. I started noticing that it was getting harder to judge the distance between me and the ball in soccer and shooting and rebounding were becoming more difficult in basketball. My eye doctor, Dr. Owens, suggested Binocular Vision Training as an option to help me because he had corrected my vision as much as he could with corrective lenses. I was nervous about the thought of “therapy” of any kind, but I wanted to give it a try. Dr. Lyerly contacted my mom and emailed some information about BVT for me and my parents to read before setting up the first appointment. My initial evaluation with Dr. Lyerly went pretty well. Dr. Lyerly tested my depth perception and my eye alignment. Both were okay, but not even close to “normal”. Dr. Lyerly explained that I would be her oldest patient and that the therapy would consist of 30 weekly sessions. My first session was really laid back and easy, but I was still nervous. What if I couldn’t complete the assignments? What if my eyes didn’t respond to therapy? As the weeks went by, Dr. Lyerly really made me feel much more comfortable. She is so encouraging and has such a positive attitude. Dr. Lyerly customized my sessions to fit what I needed and my homework consisted of simple, yet strenuous, tasks for my eyes. As therapy continued my visual system really started picking things up fast. So fast that Dr. Lyerly cut my sessions to 15 weeks instead of 30 weeks, as originally recommended. I loved BVT and looked forward to the sessions each week. Dr. Lyerly made the sessions fun! BVT has retrained my visual system to work the way it was always supposed to work. My sessions are coming to an end and I can tell a huge difference with my vision. I can actually see in 3D which means I can judge where the ball is on the field and make more shorts and grab more rebounds in basketball. I have much better depth perception which I look forward to using this fall when I get my driver’s permit.