Testimonial: RKW, Age 11

We are so thankful for Dr. Lyerly! Without her diagnosis and eye therapy, our daughter would have struggled for who knows how long. The things that concerned me as she had gotten older have finally been "fixed". (Her head tilt to one side, her poor depth perception, her inability to see far away (which still passed traditional eye exams), her incoordination.) Even simple things like hiking have become more natural, rather than being so hesitant with foot placement. Eye therapy has made a huge impact on her reading skills (at one point I actually thought she may be dyslexic before eye therapy). The best part was that the process was so gradual that RK wasn't even aware of the progress that she had made. After meetings with her teachers they told me they could tell a difference with her focus and reading in class, which is something she did not like in the past. Thank you Dr. Lyerly for your dedication, your patience and for the opportunity you gave us to help RK...even though she REALLY wanted glasses. -Mom of RKW