Testimonial: TN, Age 50

I really appreciate my therapy time with Insight. Katie and Dr. Lyerly are wonderful! They tailored exercises to my unique challenges and helped me achieve truly life-altering results! And it was fun! Not only do I see with better depth now-reaching for objects, parking lot maneuvers-but I also am much more confident about what I see. My eye exams prove it, too, jumping several lines during the first two progress checks. Born with an eye turn and now middle aged, I am proof that therapy can work for all ages. My "lazy eye" is stronger and communicating with my brain better. I have techniques to help it align as well as strategies to keep it in line as I age. My improved visual acuity and depth perception will keep me driving (no longer blind in one eye!) and independent for many years to come. I would recommend this program to anyone struggling with vision issues similar to mine. I don't regret a single minute or penny spent on this program and would do it all again.